stuff we host has been providing services for the UK net.goth community since 1995. It is a completely non-profit organisation, funded only out of dishmops pocket.

Starting off with some simple hosting and regional mailing lists, it now hosts the site, and It also hosts a number of other smaller sites and regional mailing lists, and those are displayed in bold on the links page.

In addition to sysadmin stuff, writing the code for the site, and bits of moderation and contribution from me (dishmop), there are a number of content moderators and contributers who give up some of their spare time to build up the net.goth online community on these sites and without them it would be, well, a bit of a void really. There's a lot of content that needs moderating on a daily basis, and it's not like these people are paid to do this job, so you get a pretty damn good service for free. Currently, these people are:

  • jen - Community management, sanity checking, and music database administration.
  • graham boyd - System administration (Cambridge), camgoth regional mailing list admin, links admin, IRC admin
  • Blue matt - Whitby site admin, slashgoth admin.
  • Morph - links admin, events admin, slashgoth admin and all-round general content superhero.
  • Hexene - links admin, slashgoth admin and proud member of the dave collective.
  • Falcon - map admin (and creator of the original goffmap before I hassled him enough to let me rewrite it ;)
  • Steve/Nothing - map admin, IRC admin
  • Sweet Cyanide - map admin, IRC admin
  • Chris - map admin
  • fross - IRC admin, and creator of bouncy tunage.
  • Kieran - toybox sysadmin, IRC admin, secondary MX and DNS
  • Sam - being nice sysadmin type looking after domains
  • Sexbat and Nic for having the idea in the first place, fighting in the punk wars, etcetcetc. ;)
  • And all the people who keep order (so they tell me) on the IRC server - in no particular order - Midnightmoon, Saiira, welshofdave, olethros,Tasha, Sushidog and of course, batmop

There's a whole bunch of people who have contributed to the net.goth community in some way or other - try checking out the alt.gothic or uk.people.gothic FAQs for more of them. Don't forget that we keep a list of the top twenty site content contributors - so if your name is there, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the warm glow of smug satisfaction you deserve.

Finally if you ever see me down the pub, just remember that you probably should buy this poor overworked soul a drink, eh? ;)

© dave bolton (dishmop) 2001