This webring has been created to bring together the webpages of goths within the uk (obviously...hence the name).

Meet Bob's mate Boris(pictured at the top of this screen).
Boris is not a goth he is a gargoyle, he likes to stick to what he's good at. He spends his time reading and contemplating mass genocide (some of you may know the feeling..ever been round Marks & Spencers at lunchtime?). Boris is the mascot for this webring. Boris says "it's not that I'm a pop Goth icon or nuffink, it's just that I'm tragically gothic *claw staple forehead*"

So you wish to join?

To qualify... (Read these or you wont get listed!)

you must have a Goth(y) website and you must be living _within_ the UK. I'm not at all keen on popups or music that plays when you load the page. I hate dripping blood bars and spinning ankhs too!

I reserve the right to remove from the ring any site which does not meet the aforementioned criteria. Also I should point out that this is a *GOTH* webring. No Manson, Korn, Slipknot or Death Metal shrines please. If your site is such, you will be removed from the queue and given a slap (cos I'm mean like that).
I'm not accepting anymore vampire sites thank you. This is more a ring for your average goffick!
I would also like to remind people that these ring will only work when you put the panel up. Asking to be in the ring and nagging me when you haven't put the bloody panel up yet will result in me needing an extra vodka and you needing a kick up the botty for not reading my criteria!

So far there are 30sites on this list ( 6/4/02 7:50 PM )

I's a Netgoth

Follow these steps...

1) Fill out the form by clicking the button below (this adds you to a queue and you'll be added to the ring within a couple of days). =>

2) When you join the queue you will be automatically mailed the HTML to copy and paste on to your webpage, it will then look like the panel below. For those of you familiar with HTML, I have made some alternative graphics which you may link to, instead of the link that you are sent.

3) You need to add the HTML fragment to your index or webring page. Please place the panel somewhere prominent (if people aren't going to notice it then there's not much point). You need to do this before I accept you into the ring (no excuses COs otherwise the ring will be totally un-ring like).
Don't fret about changing the colour of the text in the panel. Change it if it doesn't match your webpage :)

4) When the panel is up, you will be added to the ring!!

Click to join

Finally, if you have any problems then please feel free to mail me

The UK Goths

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