That which is new, changed and somewhat sort of noteworthy....
Got rid of the mailto links on the problems page.
Added a new Problem goths have.
Was lazy. did this instead of getting to work on time
Added the 2000-2003 editions of the UPG Describe Yourself to the Netscrape.
Put back Stuart Lin's Gothbase. Now with PBP to protect personal data from preying webcrawlers.
Broke a rib. Ouch. It hurts.
Revised the Dye It Black FAQ to version 3.0, as posted to alt.gothic last October.
Updated the net.goth gallery page for the 1st time in years. Yes, I have a huge backlog, and yes, I've ignored almost all of it.
Fixed some bugs and got rid of some stuff I no longer want to bother with on the home page.
Umm.... Moved back to London... finally. After several years of dullness in DC I can finally be old and boring in a much more exciting place :).
Got enganged to the rather lovely and talented Lulu. Much excitement abounds.
Created a "what's new" page for the goth site. You're looking at it. There's still "what's new" pages for the main site and the Tank Girl site.
Minor updates to parts of this site.
Put up warnings stating none of the CGI's work, since the UCL site is gone. Saddish, but not very, since it was just 200meg of space just sitting there. Which is one of the reasons I went out and....
Bought my 1st computer. Well, half mine, L owns the other half. It is nice new machine I'm typing this up on now. the reason I'm using this one is that I....
Quit my job. I'm starting a new one Monday. Yey! no more doing stuffs way out of my field.