Problems only Goths Have

This is compiled from a thread on alt.gothic started by Gabriella Vervaine.



Remember to put on your pointy multi-buckle boots before you put on your corset, kiddies! Otherwise you can't bend over to buckle your boots, and you just sit there on the bed looking slightly confused until your roommate takes pity on you and buckles your boots for you. "Corset first, then shoes" is now a common quote in our house.

Jillian Sutter

Getting your slave bracelet caught in your fishnets

Once when I did this in the ladies' room, I was unable to extricate myself, and had to run out with my floor-length cloak wrapped around me to conceal the fact that my skirt was being held over my waist by my hand being attached to my thighs, and whisper a discreet 'Help!' into my friend Mary's ear.

Heidi Evans

I've done that too, except I got my slave bracelet caught on my fishnet armtights (I don't even remeber how). But it was parents' weekend, and my roommate's mother had to cut me loose so I could move my arms freely again. Fishnets are just made for getting things caught on tho [somehow fish come to mind -ed.], because I've gotten my watch caught on my fishnets (I think I was adjusting my skirt), and I always get stuck on wooden chairs that have the nails sticking out just a little...


I had one of those [mall vultures with the clipboard surveys] get after me with some plug for a laundry detergent that "gets your brights brighter, and your whites whiter!".... I giggled my little heart out, and said "do I look like I'm wearing any brights or whites?" ......."do you have one that keeps your blacks blacker and your burgandys deeper?"

Siani M. Evans

It's the trip back to DC on the metro, in the early morning hours. Just about an hour ago, I left suburban virginia with the other suits and preppies, and headed into DC, simply dressed in last night's outfit. (Gee, guess this means i never made it home, eh? ;)) Anyhow, that entails black knee-high lace-up pvc boots, a long black silk slip dress, and just a black sweater to cover it all. Plus, last night's make-up, which has totally faded, dark circles under my eyes from where the mascara's run, and sparkles all over my face, plus the remnants of the black lipstick.

Yes, amongst all these work-a-day unfortunates, i looked like something out of hell, and everyone kept staring at me, especially when we stopped at the pentagon. :)


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