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These are a bunch of pictures taken at some of the gatherings over the past few years. There's an obvious London bias. There's no thumbnails cos I just can't be bothered. They'd be too small anyway. So there just a small description of the piccie with the people named left to right.

I obviously can't have pix from every london net.goth meet, since anytime more than two of us get together we end up calling it an event. The events for which there are pictures are:

If you are in one of these pictures, and I didn't name you, tell me and you'll be named!.

There is also a page of head shots of a bunch of

There are other gatherings not mentioned here which are documented on other web sites:

Whitby '94

You're probably familliar with the story basics. Well, there was just about no advertising for it in London. The only way we Londoners found out about it was thru this random person from Sheffield named Jane Stroke Alice posting to alt.gothic. We all independently thot, "Hmm, sounds like a good idea" until one day Erika says, "why don't we actually go"1. Many emails and a few long distance phone calls later (thanks QMW for the free phone calls!) and we're in a rented car bouncing up and down the road to North Yorkshire. A Lovely time was had by all. More pix exist from: Jane Stroke Alice and Lee

Halloween 94

The first huge London net.goth meet. We expected about 5 or 6, due to the low London turn out at Whitby. Eventually 15 people told us in advance that they'd show, some as far away as York. Little did we (or the pub) expect the 30-someodd people to eventually show. Nor did we expect Shawnee's uncanny ability to actually remember everyone's name (2 years later, she still can name the people who showed).

New Year's Eve 1994

After 4 years, I finally got these developed. I barely remember the event, but it consisted of a party at Nic & Shawnee's place, followed by a trip to Slime. The pix are from the party at Nic's.

net.goth Picnic, March 95

Once upon a time someone came up with the idea to do a net.goth calendar. Each big city would send in a large, nicely done B&W picture to go on a 13 month 1996 calendar. It was a lovely idea, but it never actually happened. Anyway, in order to get the London net.goth picture, we decided on a picnic, in which we get together and eat and pose in a nature setting. I was designated photographer for the calendar. So we all had a lovely time and many pictures were taken. Alas, due to a bizzare chain of events which I won't describe here2 the ones I took ended up Nic's possession, and at the time of this writing, most have still not been developed. The colour pictures were all taken by someone else. I've just developed a few B&W photos which I've recently added.

Whitby '95

Beyond what you probably already know, there's not too much of a story behind this one. We had such a great time in 94 we all went back and dragged a whole bunch more people with us this time. More pix exist from: Dishmop, Eblis, the Whitby site, and Steve, and The Darkhours

Nic and Shawnee's wedding

Nic and Shawnee decided to get married in a nice old gothic church in southern Virginia. The first thing that may come to your mind is far. Well, it was. Despite everyone's initial plans to show up earlier, for some reason everyone was delayed and showed up on the Thursday before. In summary: We all arrived and were (or at least I was) astounded at the loveliness of Shawnee's parents' house. It's on a river with a huge back yard with a hammock (!!!) and porch and everything! So anyway, these pictures are mostly taken the day of the big arrival, with everyone looking or feeling like hell due to spending hour/days/weeks/whatever in transit. People are named left to right. More pix exist from: Sexbat, Steve, Matt, and The Darkhours

net.goth picnic, 1996

By mid 1996, Felidae had somehow become The Bloke Who Decides Picnics. For some reason or another, he became a master of organisation and came up with ideas for not one, but two picnics over the course of the summer5.

The basics of this one were, a bunch of us met up at the Golder's Green tube and wandered over to the park together. Once there we argued over which tree and etc Felidae was referring to in his directions. When we finally found the place, the random foodstuffs came out and we at and took pictures of each other for a while. Later we buggered off to the zoo and watched some birds fart for a while before descending en mass on Sexbat and Juliet's place.

More pix also can be found thanks to Hirez.

Whitby 1996

Ok, I may as well say something about this now, as it's getting longer and longer ago, and I've got work I'm trying to avoid. By now everyone on the planet has heard of the Whitby Gothic Festival, and most of them showed up (over 1000). As usual, I decided to come up earlier than last year when not everyone had shown up yet. So I got there on Wednesday (it officially starts on Friday) and hundreds of black-clad holidaymakers were already there. So much for the idea of a quiet holiday before everyone arrives.

Some random highlights:

As usual, from left to right:

More pictures from: Rob, Justicar, Althea, Gothpat, Sexbat, Jane/Alice, Clair, Giga, Falcon, Darrien, Kev, Brett, and Fox.

Whitby 1997 Act I

No pictures here yet, but I did get my 1st roll back from Boots a few days ago. Give me inspriation and I will scan. In the meantime I'll bring them to a few pub til most Londoners have seen them.

Pictures are available from: Karl, Kevin, Gothpat, Talia, MilAmber, and Kieren

Whitby 1998 Act I

I've not any yet. This is one of those placeholder thingies that I never get around to changing.

Pictures can be found from: Giolla Decair, Rael, Archaea, Mystra Pete, and Tal


Most of these pictures have been taken by either Me, Shawnee, Erika, Matt, Anu, Roy, or some random other.

1 - Quotes and events simplified for didactic purposes only.

2 - And I won't elsewhere either, nyahh!

3 - That black hole was once Sexbat before he complained about how bad he looked. If any embarrassing pictures of me manage to appear on his site, the original comes back.

4 - This was taken on Sunday, so we were no longer as frazzled

5 - Actually he came up with ideas for 3 picnics, but organisation abilities can only be stretched so far.

6 - Well, an overenthusiastic puppy, really, but on the scale in question it may as well have been wild dogs.