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[A Japanese Style Drawing of Me !]                          Tina the Troubled Teen

Well here you are on my homepage.....I'm not quite sure what i should put up here with the addition of the navigation bar to the left....Funky little piece of JavaScript coding.....Basicaly a friend of mine was talking about the idea in shockwave or something....i thought i could adapt an old piece of code to do and here it is.....Must get some prety pictures for the top bit....Any ideas ???

All the code writen in these pages has been done by hand, I'm not of of these people that like the HTML editors or design packages....Gimmy and nice little text editor any day (Joe's own, vi at a push). Far more effecient anyway...no nasty headers or always setting the font, using irelivant tables etc....Learn to write HTML, its simple anyway !!!

Well....enough ranting, your not gonna read lots of text like this anyway !!!

Go on, click on the left, you know you want to....

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