negative equity:instructions

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installation: download the .exe file. run it. it should install the vis_neg_eq.dll into your winamp plugins directory.

recent tweaks: spacebar toggles fullscreen and windowed mode

use: play music. select and enable plugin.
  click left mouse button to change the colour propagation ruleset for the surface of the sphere. there are 10 different schemes in total. some may require more CPU than others and hence run more slowly on your hardware. your mileage will vary.
  click middle mouse button to change sphere rendering mode between filled, shaded triangles, shaded wireframe and shaded pixel point. your OpenGL ICD may not support the latter modes either in hardware, or at all.
  click right mouse button to change between rendering both the sphere and the fireflies, just the sphere or just the fireflies. on a slow machine, or a machine with a software OpenGL ICD, the fireflies only mode may be your only hope of a decent framerate

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